Soulmates from 1997.

He looks at me intensely like he’s trying to read my thoughts.
I turn to him with my lips curled upwards, I smile knowingly.
He’s certain it is for him.
I let him believe it.

It is what it is.

No, this is not another sad piece. And this certainly is not about making you an antagonist of my life. You are far from that. You were the love of my life, once upon a time. Let’s leave it that. 

Can you love someone but not really like them?

It pains all the same knowing you no longer have what you once had. But it’s liberating to know it’s no one’s fault. It isn’t theirs and supposedly not yours. We could love someone for million reasons and not really like them for another million.

‘An agony prolong…’

It’s been so long
Since I felt this way.
Like a stolen first kiss
On a busy Monday

The Song you sent
As it happened out of blue
I play on repeat
For it reminds me of you

Unrequited love, cruelest of all.

There was something in his gaze. Something deep and raw. The way he looked at her. I got it then. He loved her, and it was killing him. He wouldn’t get over her, I whispered, he can’t.”