Look, just what you made me do

I don’t know if you’ll read this
And I hope you never do
But yes, you are an asshole
And I know you know that too

Down the alley of my lost childhood

When my heart was free, of pride and greed,
Danced I away, from the monster Adulthood.
Now lay here I, amidst the lies
Trapped in the youth, feeling misunderstood.

‘An agony prolong…’

It’s been so long
Since I felt this way.
Like a stolen first kiss
On a busy Monday

The Song you sent
As it happened out of blue
I play on repeat
For it reminds me of you

‘…a song of melancholy’

His life is a prison.
– His heart is caged.

A long gone lover,
– whose memory has aged.

He couldn’t hurt,
– the one he care.