Let’s play pretend, Mother.

But the real question here is- will we ever say it out loud? This game of play pretend. Will we ever break-free from this routine? Or will I continue to play this game with my daughter as well?

Down the alley of my lost childhood

When my heart was free, of pride and greed,
Danced I away, from the monster Adulthood.
Now lay here I, amidst the lies
Trapped in the youth, feeling misunderstood.

Can you love someone but not really like them?

It pains all the same knowing you no longer have what you once had. But it’s liberating to know it’s no one’s fault. It isn’t theirs and supposedly not yours. We could love someone for million reasons and not really like them for another million.

‘…a song of melancholy’

His life is a prison.
– His heart is caged.

A long gone lover,
– whose memory has aged.

He couldn’t hurt,
– the one he care.