Soulmates from 1997.

He looks at me intensely like he’s trying to read my thoughts.
I turn to him with my lips curled upwards, I smile knowingly.
He’s certain it is for him.
I let him believe it.

It is what it is.

No, this is not another sad piece. And this certainly is not about making you an antagonist of my life. You are far from that. You were the love of my life, once upon a time. Let’s leave it that. 

Love, Rosie

Loving you feels like the first rain of the monsoon, a cup of chai on a winter morning, that one song of nostalgia on a long drive, a recurring deja vu of us dancing in circles, in an ending loop of love and longing.

when you were everything.

“I love you, too,” I whisper back with my lips pressed to his. He tastes like cheese and pepperoni and the next sixty years of my life. His embrace is gentle and his hair dampened by the rains.

‘When our history was before us’

‘Don’t be ridiculous. It’s freaking new year and I’m not spoiling it for you. I need to see you. The mere thought of seeing you laugh makes my day.’, he spoke, all too mushy. ‘Eew. Gross. Clearly, you’ve been watching shit tv.’ She laughed it off, though both of them knew how flustered it made her feel.

‘We’ll see about that in practical….’, he trailed off. His words painting a  thousand scenarios in her mind. None were decent.

An open letter to my bestfriend, Air.

It had always been you. I realized it a little too late. But I apologize, as I looked for you in Fire, Water and maybe even Soil. Fire. Words would do no justice as to express what I feel for her. I met her against the odds and that has made all the difference. She…