It is what it is.

To you,

You, who took my hand and led me onto a beautiful journey across the meadows. I’m losing my memory of you, of us and things we did while we were there. I do, however, remember how I felt. How you made me feel. Like looking up at the sun with my eyes closed and feeling the warmth seeping into my bones after years lost in the cold. I loved you then and I know, you loved me too. 

I loved you in all the words I wrote to you. You loved me in all things you did for me. We loved each other in all the glances exchanged and smiles turned to laughter. 

I don’t remember laughing like that anymore. 

No, this is not another sad piece. And this certainly is not about making you an antagonist of my life. You are far from that. You were the love of my life, once upon a time. Let’s leave it at that. 

We always had an expiration date, didn’t we? We knew it would end one day. And, so it did. 

  • You never lied to me or made any promises you couldn’t keep. I was at fault here for expecting more. 

  • It didn’t take you long to bed another after I left. It wasn’t like you cheated on me. Not technically, right?

  • It wasn’t cheating when I read your DMs with other women right after we fucked for the first time. You were just texting. A little flirting, wouldn’t harm anyone, right?

  • And it definitely wasn’t cheating when you said you wanted to end things because you  couldn’t do long distance anymore. Because you had your needs. 

Let’s not get bitter. I am not blaming you for anything here. You took me out on a beautiful journey, we build inside jokes, shared memories, and took souvenirs. I hope you do better by the next passenger. 

Here is the epilogue of our story: 

You did what you did. 
I felt what I felt. 
It is what it is. 

Once yours,

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