Look, just what you made me do

I wrote you a thousand words,

yet you left me with just few.

The last letter I wrote,

was also addressed to you.

Life has been good,

but different without you.

No, I’m not asking you to stay

For, baby it was due.

I guess you had your reasons,

my heart’s been lying for you.

I’ve never felt so angry, LIVID even

writing a poem at that too.

I deleted all our pictures,

and all your voice notes too.

But I couldn’t escape my mind,

and all the memories shared with you.

I’m grateful for the KINDLE,

and the ear pods, that too.

They cheering me to move on,

utility, no wishful thinking boo.

I don’t know if you’ll read this,

perhaps, you’ll never do.

But yes, you are an asshole,

and I know you know that too.

I gave you all my love, despite,

the countless assignments I had to do.

But you gave it all away & revealed,

the rotting colors which made you, you.

You’re a selfish tall prick,

with a little head that too.

A teeny weeny with a mole,

oh yes, this poem is all about you.

You thought I’ll tear up again,

writing another letter to you.

But I’m revealing all your secrets,

and your dry ass pictures too.

Yes I have my baggage,

and a crazy family too.

But I’m done holding onto your BS,

just wait and see me blew.

I never meant to curse you

or take my anger out of the blue.

But your arm around her waist,

look, just what you made me do.

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