Today I’ll sleep a little too peaceful, a little too sound, and a little too content.

There you are. That same smile I first fell in love with. And that same mischief which ruined me. Your name flashing on my screen with the same ringtone I’d set specifically for you. Our song. So many memories. One I couldn’t bring myself to change. 

I’m baffled for a while, overwhelmed honestly. It’s either you or the poetry I was reading just now. My first thought is to ignore but something feels wrong so I swipe right the very next second. You say my name and my sole focus is on your voice. How badly I missed waking up to this every morning. 

You tell me about her. About the way she makes you feel. And everything she left for you. You say that you’ve changed and it’s because of her. You say you’ve never felt this way for anyone before and you know it’s love. You feel it. 

And I believe it. Every word you say, I can feel the intensity of how much you mean it. How much she means to you. My heart swells and I’m feeling so many emotions at this very moment. All together. 

And then you start crying. You’re weeping as we speak, telling me she has met with an accident and it broke you to the bones seeing her bruised and pained. You recount, how it made you break into tears when you first saw her laying in the hospital’s bed and it is when you met with her parents for the first time. You were there for them as you let her mother cry on your shoulder while you kept trying so hard, not to weep yourself.

And as you’re telling me this, I realise I’m in tears of my own. I’m crying for your pain as you feel helpless, when all you wish, is for her to get better. I’m crying because I never thought ill of her and in all honesty, I’m certain I never liked anyone better. I knew her personally back then and I always wanted you to treat her right. With love and loyalty. I like her for her strong will, for helping you to be a better person. And in silence I pray. I pray for her to recover. And be there with you, right beside your side. 

And then you apologize. With tears in your eyes and a bad cold, you tell me how sorry you’re for breaking me. For not being the person I deserve. For not loving me like you love her. And I cry harder now. I weep. You can’t hear my voice, it’s just muffled sounds as I try so hard not to gasp. You see, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. For months now. To hear those words, laced with agony and realization. Accepting that you shattered me and apologizing for the wrongs. It’s the intensity of your words, your voice full of regret & guilt. 

And I believe you. I forgive you. I let go of you.

All along I just wanted you to realize & now that you have, I can feel the burden being lifted. Of hatred and heartache. 

And so gone is any trace of you. I think I can finally breathe.


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    1. Monica says:

      Thank you! 😇


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