If it was your another chance at life, would you risk it?

If it was your another chance at life, would you risk it?
Would you tread it carefully, or be a lot more reckless?

Have you ever felt life seeping out of your bones, crashing back in just another second?
You were so certain it was your last moment, alive. Until it wasn’t.

Why do you talk about heartbreak when I ask you about love?
Is it because you had been played on, or because you played another.

Have you ever pushed someone away, you so deeply loved because you were baffled by the intensity of the emotions you felt. Being that vulnerable. 

Has it ever happened to you, feeling lonely despite having your close friends around you?
Thinking something is majorly wrong with you, feeling the way you do.

Let me tell you this, you’re not the only one.
I feel it too and I’m certain that there are more like us. 

Stuck between hope and despair, longing for ‘the one’ and the need to escape.
Who do we run to? Where should we hide?

Questions. A couple billion of those. And they will continue to exist.
Now, what would you rather do? Give in to your fear, or fight your way above.

There will be days, when you’ll doubt your existence, question your dreams, ruin your relationships, feeling as hollow as humanly possible. It hurts. I understand.

At this moment, you wouldn’t feel like getting up from the bed, opening your eyes because even breathing reminds you of your existence, your hopeless existence you say.

Here, you indulge in activities. You name it, distractions. Reality sucks anyway, right? The liquor gives you a high, and you do feel alive. Even if it’s just for tonight.

Next, you go and get yourself stoned. You feel calm, soothed. Then you go silent, and there’s a movie playing in your head. These are your thoughts, running at the speed of light, you’ve no control how to stop them, let alone pause. You feel contradicted. Your body has hit its lowest, your limbs work at the speed of a snail but your mind, just wouldn’t shut down.

So, you close your eyes, lay down and your head pains like a bitch. All you want, at this very moment, is to feel normal.

Could you go really go back to being normal?

You know what, it doesn’t matter what I tell you at this moment. The decision is yours. It always will be. You can go back to your old ways and tremble. Getting lost in your head, mourning over your deal soul.

Or you could decide to breathe, despite all. Choosing to live, to continue, and starting over.

It’s easy to leave when things are smooth, working out in your favour but what needs courage is when they are not. Do not run away from the situations that has been gone worse for you. Fight, dear soldier.

You may only have one match, but you can make an explosion.


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  1. The V Pub says:

    To answer your question, no, I would not do it over again. I think that life is nothing but a series of decisions over a lifetime. While I’m not always successful, I try to live life without regret.

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  2. True.. It always has been “You only die once”.. 🙈

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  3. Adi says:

    “Have you ever pushed someone away, you so deeply loved because you were baffled by the intensity of the emotions you felt. Being that vulnerable. ” So true.
    And glad you’re back to writing. Keep it up man. :’)

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