‘An agony prolong…’

It’s been so long
Since I felt this way.
Like a stolen first kiss
On a busy Monday

The Song you sent
As it happened out of blue
I play on repeat
For it reminds me of you

Falling between the lines
Of words so deep
Embraces ever so gently
Your arms around me

I’ve known you for years
And more so I long
In silence and tears
An agony prolong

I wish I could tell you
All that you mean
Kissing you for real
And not just in a dream.

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  1. Awesome and beautiful.. Ma’am

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  2. shubhamd96 says:

    Beautiful…and yeah thanks for such spam of likes dear ☺

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  3. Hi Monica, thanks for visiting and glad you’re back. Hope all is fine with you… keep writing! All the very best, Iris. 🌹 😃

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  4. Vampireadi :P says:



  5. Divya says:

    Beautiful. The last line specially 🙂

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    1. Monica says:

      Thanks Divya. Glad you liked it.😊

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  6. Peter Adewumi says:

    That’s what love does sometimes, it turns an adult into a child. But an advice, we have to be careful not to become a blind person and fall in love. It’s better we stand right and open our eyes vividly so that we’re not wounded irrevocably. I think you understand what I mean? Great poem as a post! Well done!

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  7. Jonathan Pines says:

    Nice One… and thanks for following my blog!

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    1. Jonathan Pines says:

      Mind if I ever reblog some of your to my page?

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      1. Monica says:

        Not at all. Feel free to reblog. 😄


  8. Lovely… Liked it. Though certainly not ur best work…. keep writing 🙂


  9. alienpoems says:

    a lovely written


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