‘When our history was before us’

‘Don’t be ridiculous. It’s freaking new year and I’m not spoiling it for you. I need to see you. The mere thought of seeing you laugh makes my day.’, he spoke, all too mushy. ‘Eew. Gross. Clearly, you’ve been watching shit tv.’ She laughed it off, though both of them knew how flustered it made her feel.

‘We’ll see about that in practical….’, he trailed off. His words painting a  thousand scenarios in her mind. None were decent.

If it was your another chance at life, would you risk it?

There will be days, when you’ll doubt your existence, question your dreams, ruin your relationships, feeling as hollow as humanly possible. It hurts. I understand.
At this moment, you wouldn’t feel like getting up from the bed, opening your eyes because even breathing reminds you of your existence, your hopeless existence you say.

An open letter to my bestfriend, Air.

It had always been you. I realized it a little too late. But I apologize, as I looked for you in Fire, Water and maybe even Soil. Fire. Words would do no justice as to express what I feel for her. I met her against the odds and that has made all the difference. She…

Can you love someone but not really like them?

It pains all the same knowing you no longer have what you once had. But it’s liberating to know it’s no one’s fault. It isn’t theirs and supposedly not yours. We could love someone for million reasons and not really like them for another million. You could love them for what they have achieved, for how pleasant they look or the qualities they possess but not really like them for how they make you feel. The way she gossip, the way she dominates, the way he keep dodging meaningful conversations or the way he whispers sweet nothings when he wants something from you.