The last letter

Dear You, Thank you for existing. And apologies for leaving too soon. Love, Nanda.

Unphotographed memories

They say reckless decisions make for the best memories. And lord, they were right. I met him on a whim. A man with whom I had only exchanged a few words prior to that.  “How about a midnight coffee sesh?”, I asked him.  “See you in 20”, he affirmed. Back in my room, the clock…

Soulmates from 1997.

He looks at me intensely like he’s trying to read my thoughts.
I turn to him with my lips curled upwards, I smile knowingly.
He’s certain it is for him.
I let him believe it.

It is what it is.

No, this is not another sad piece. And this certainly is not about making you an antagonist of my life. You are far from that. You were the love of my life, once upon a time. Let’s leave it that. 

Let’s play pretend, Mother.

But the real question here is- will we ever say it out loud? This game of play pretend. Will we ever break-free from this routine? Or will I continue to play this game with my daughter as well?

Look, just what you made me do

I don’t know if you’ll read this
And I hope you never do
But yes, you are an asshole
And I know you know that too